Why We Are Different

Fred Ebsworth, DDS in Lake Forest Park WA photo of smiling attractive man

We believe people want to keep their teeth for a lifetime. Prevention is far more enjoyable, less costly and more comfortable than dental repairs. With preventive dentistry, dental problems can be kept to a minimum.


    1. We believe every patient deserves a thorough exam and comprehensive diagnosis. Only knowledge allows understanding planning and care.


      1. We believe that every patient wants to be aware of their own condition so they can make informed decisions and manage their needs. Digital materials can be shared to help clarify or illuminate ideas concerns or problems.


      1. We believe every patient should be in control of his or her own care. We may know the concerns but each patient knows what is best for them and when they are ready to begin. Patients should be allowed to proceed at their own pace.

      We realize that good treatment and comfort are the most important aspects of care. People choose this office for the way they want to be treated, not for its location. Contact us today at 206-362-0152